Board of Directors

Board of Directors

A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas authorized by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to provide water, sewage, drainage and other services within the MUD boundaries. The publically elected Board of Directors manages and controls all of the affairs of the MUD subject to the continuing supervision of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality. The Board establishes policies in the interest of its residents and utility customers.

Listed below are the current Board of Directors for HCMUD261.

S. Brady Whitaker, President (Term: 05/02/2026)
Brady has served as a director on MUD #261 for the past six years in the capacity of Director, Secretary, and most recently, Vice President. He and his wife, Sarah, have lived in Woodwind Lakes since 1996. He practices law, primarily specializing in representing financial institutions in fiduciary litigation and trust related matters. He is a lifetime member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and serves on the Parade and Ranch Rodeo Committees.

Jason Vanloo, Vice President (Term: 05/04/2024)
Jason has served as a director and Secretary for MUD #261 for 4 years. Jason and his wife Noel have lived in Woodwind Lakes with their two sons since 2004. Jason currently works as a Health, Safety and Environmental attorney for a petrochemical company, and was previously in private legal practice.

John F. Oyen, Secretary (Term: 05/04/2024)
A resident of Woodwind Lakes since 1999. John has served as a director starting in May of 2012. Before that, John served on the HOA board for 8 years including 4 years as President. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and works in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector as a Manager of Business Development.

Larry Goldberg, Assistant Secretary (Term: 05/02/2026)
Larry has served as a director on MUD #261 since May 2012. He has been a Woodwind Lakes resident since 2006, and a Houston resident since 1969. Larry graduated from Texas A&M University in 1983 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is a Texas Registered Professional Engineer, and Director of Infrastructure at CivilTech Engineering, Inc.

Emory Milton Dooley, Jr., Director (Term: 05/04/2024)
Milt is the newest Director, having joined the Board in June of 2016. He and his wife, Barbara, have been residents of Woodwind Lakes since 1997. Milt worked in the video/film industry for 40 years and is now retired.