Upcoming Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project Within District

The work to be performed is a follow-up to the inspection and testing of the sanitary sewer system last year. The work will include repair, replacement, and/or rehab of sanitary sewer pipes and manholes throughout the neighborhood.

The MUD has contracted with a contractor to begin the work within the next few weeks and will perform the work in sections. The contractor will be providing door hanger notices to the residents within the area that the work will be performed during the designated time period.

The total construction duration will be approximately 6-months from the beginning of April.

Scope of Work

The Project consists of rehabilitation of eight-inch (8”) sanitary sewer lines by pipe bursting, CIPP, root removal, and point repair methods; manhole rehabilitation, and replacement of sanitary sewer service connections.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project – Work Exhibit (PDF)

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 261

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